Jbilling on Debian Etch /w Java JRE 1.6 update

These directions are missing a critical peace of information. While the Jbilling does work if these directions are followed not all information is contained here to get every feature working. For instance a pdf download feature returns an error. If you intend to use this feature you may need to gather further information. I decided not to use Jbilling due to lack of documentation on resolving this issue. It also did not seem to be the best choice for my situation.

Update Debian Etch’s Java version from 1.5 to 1.6 or newer

And add the line to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://www.backports.org/debian etch-backports main contrib non-free

Then install it with

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude -t etch-backports install sun-java6-jdk

And select the new java version:

sudo update-alternatives –config java

Install unzip

sudo apt-get install unzip

Download and unzip Jbilling

wget http://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/jbilling/jbilling-1_1_1.zip

unzip jbilling-1_1_1.zip

Configure Jbilling

sudo apt-get nano

nano server/default/conf/jbilling.properties

Change the port from 80 to 8111 to prevent conflict with Apache

nano jbilling/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml

Startup JBoss

chmod +x bin/run.sh



default user name: ‘admin’

default password: ‘123qwe’

company id: ‘1’



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