Add an auto incriment field to an OpenOffice 2.4 & 3.1 document on Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10

Ubuntu 8.04 includes OpenOffice 2.4. It is however missing some packages we need. Here is how to install the package we need:

1. System -> Administration -> Sysnaptic Package Manager

2. Settings -> Repositories

3. Select the Updates tab and check “Recommended updates (hardy updates)”

4. Edit -> Reload Package Information

5. Edit -> Search

6. Search for “”

7. Click on the package and select “Mark for Installation”

8. Click “Mark” when prompted for marking additional required changes

9. Edit -> Apply Marked Changes

10. When changes have successfully been applied click Close.

11. File -> Quit

Before following directions at the linked address users should be aware that Word Processor in Ubuntu is the same as 2.x Writer.

12. Applications -> Office -> Spreadsheet

13. In cell A1 enter 1001 or whatever number you would like to start the range with

14. Move the cursor to the right corner of the cell, you will get a cross

15. Hold down the mouse and drag the cursor down until you have enough numbers

16. File -> Save As

17. Enter a file name and select ODF Spreadsheet

18. Open or create a document that you would like to insert the auto-incrementing number

19. Insert -> Fields -> Other

20. Select the Database tab

21. Select Mail merge fields

22. Click Browse…

23. Select the ODF spreadsheet file you just created and saved

24. Click on the + sign for the new database that was added

25. Click on the sheet

26. Click on the number

27. Click Insert

28. File -> Print

29. Answer yes to “Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?”

30. Click ok

31. Click ok for the mail merge

32. Select the printer and click ok, or select print to file to test it (you can then open the file you created and see the auto incrimented numbers in your document)


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