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Staples Virus Removal Fraud

September 9, 2009

Have you ever wondered how Staples can charge just $90 for a virus removal when a typical scan takes hours and most virus/spyware removals take multiple scans with different applications these days? Even then most tools fail.

I have a really simple explanation. Actual virus removals never happen. Staples outlines below the process to remove viruses and spyware from customers computers and the process fails miserably every single time. So what do Staples techs do in practice? They charge customers a low fee for a virus removal and then upsell when the removal fails. So instead of getting $90 customers get charged $100 for up to 10GB of data to be backed up, $100 for an OS installation, and $30 per software title that needs to be reloaded. Now- that is assuming the customers have made recovery discs. If they haven’t it is another $40. What is worse the non-tech employees are trained to bring computers in for diagnostics- which adds another $70 to the bill. I have no problem charging customers allot for service- but being dishonest about the charges really bugs me. Then they also attempt to sell you the same program (Norton) that didn’t pick up the vriuses in the first place.

Here is the evidence to prove it:


Microsoft propaganda handed out to Staples employees.

September 6, 2009

Microsoft propaganda handed out to Staples employees.

I thought I’d post these images of Microsoft’s propaganda they’ve been distributing to Staples employees.

Numerous lies like greater compatibility than GNU/Linux-when most of the older hardware won’t work with MS Windows Vista. GNU/Linux is compatible with more hardware than any operating system in history. It may not work with some of the latest and greatest-but for the most part it works better. I don’t spend 3 hours fiddling with installing my printer drivers. I plug it in- and it just appears as an option in whatever program I need to print with.

The learning curve for GNU/Linux is generally not as high as it is for MS Windows Vista. Unlike what they claim MS Vista and MS Office 2007 software which customers would buy if they got Vista is more cumbersome, has a reduced feature set, is slow, lacks important features like PDF support, and so on.

GNU/Linux has better support generally than MS Windows. GNU/Linux supports stuff out of the box whereas with MS Windows users hand to install lots of bloated software, drivers, and waste time figuring out how to use it. GNU/Linux on the other hand can generally be had without such support headaches. Once you’re introduced to shut down, applications menu, saving in different formats, and exporting to PDF it is just simpler.

Getting devices to work in MS Windows can require modification/and or troubleshooting. Hardware rarely works out of the box.

Microsoft want’s you to believe that GNU/Linux netbooks have a higher return rate. The fact is that some manufacturers screwed up their GNU/Linux introductions to customers and their particular return rates were higher. Overall GNU/Linux is on part with MS Windows.