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Microsoft Windows Media Player 11, 9, Internet Explorer 6, Linux, Wine, CrossOver, & DRM

December 23, 2010

I thought I would post some information on getting to access to sites which depend on DRM and the Microsoft Windows Media Player on GNU/Linux. You may be surprised to find that this is in fact possible without using a non-free operating system. It does require non-free software (IE & Microsoft Windows Media Player) though. I am not encouraging people to work around sites which use DRM. In fact I highly encourage you to find another means to the content and/or simply stop using the services in question. However that having been said if you are slowly going in that direction I’m not going to say it has to be all at once. Therefore here is how you can work around the problem:

First you need CodeWeavers CrossOver Office. 9.2 works. Prior versions probably do as well.

Install Internet Explorer 6. This version is the Microsoft Windows 98 version.

CrossOver -> Install Windows Software

Click Install and follow the wizard.

Once finished open up Firefox or another web browser and download the Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 (98/2K) edition. You can find this from

Open CrossOver -> Install Windows Software again and Other Application.

Then Select Select an installer and Choose installer File.

Find the Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 (98/2K) edition you downloaded.

Select the Will install install a new winxp bottle ‘Other Application’ and change it to the Internet Explorer 6 bottle. Then click the Proceed button. Continue through the wizard.

Once installed you should be able to view DRM content. While this does work with Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 (98/2k) edition and Internet Explorer 6 it may not for other versions yet. However the same concept will apply for Internet Explorer 7 (except with Microsoft Windows Media Player 9/10/11 editions) in the future. It may work now. I have not tested it. Those sites which claim to require the most recent edition of the Microsoft Windows Media Player don’t always in practice require it so my suggestion is try Internet Explorer 6 and Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 (98/2k) first as this works best on GNU/Linux through Wine/CrossOver Office.