QuickBooks Premier 2005 /w CrossOver Linux 10

So I had to get QuickBooks running for a customer on GNU/Linux. What to do? CodeWeavers supports QuickBooks up to the 2004 edition in CrossOver Linux according to CrossOver. I looked at the Wine database and saw that 2005-2006 have been given bronze status and 2007 Gold. I decided to see if I could get 2005 to work in CrossOver. I did. Here is what you need to install and how:

1. Install Internet Explorer 7 normally (XP bottle)
2. Install .net 1.1 by going to Applications -> CrossOver -> Manage Bottles
3. Click on Applications tab.
4. Click Install Software
5. Select Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 for the application
6. Then select Internet Explorer 7 for the bottle you created earlier
7. Click Install
8. When done repeat from step 4 except this time select Other as the application and under the installer select the downloaded .exe (I used the downloadable version from http://quickbooks.intuit.com/downloads/2005/quickbooks.jsp) or try the CD if you have that
9. Then select the Internet Explorer 7 bottle again that you created earlier
10. Click Install

Now just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the QuickBooks Premier 2005 install under CrossOver Linux 10.

I’m going to try and get the newer versions working as well. This version appeared to run install and run OK. I created a basic default business setup, clicked to add user, and so forth. I didn’t thoroughly test it though. I suspect it will work as well as the 2004 edition at this point. The .net 1.1 framework which is required is older now. We’re at 3.0 at this point. And while the install did not work with IE6 (produced errors about IE6 not being installed the first time I ran it even when it was installed) IE7 solved that.


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